St Marys is situated East of Bristol in Manor Road and is adjacent to Fishponds Park with its War memorial and children’s play area. People walk daily through the lovely park and churchyard and we would like to preserve this beautiful church building and churchyard for future generations. 

In the churchyard there are a variety of large specimen trees including Horse Chestnuts, Azaleas, Sycamores and a magnificent Magnolia which all need maintaining annually both to preserve the trees and for the purposes of health and safety. There is a bench to sit, admire and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The churchyard path is in need of resurfacing, which is costly.

In addition to our regular weekly givers we are looking for support from people who have known St Marys in the past, who are interested in keeping this beautiful church and churchyard alive and safe.  Many people have been christened, married and had their children christened in this church because it is their lovely parish church. Our benefactors have made it what it is today and we want to do the same for future generations.

If you live near Fishponds you are welcome to visit the church, which is normally open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Look elsewhere on our website and read the church’s history, read about our Frescos, Blue plaque and church activities.

If you would like to make a donation to St Mary’s, you can use PayPal, via the button below.

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