Congratulations! Christians believe that getting married is one of the wonderful gifts of God and creation. We would be delighted to welcome you to St Mary’s to talk further about how it might be possible for you to be married at St Mary’s Church.

If you live in the parish or can make a connection to St Mary’s church (Ex: You might have been baptised at St Mary’s) or you worship with us on a regularly then you may well be able to be married here.

Planning a wedding is both a joy and a challenge and we believe that the Marriage Service is the central part of the day and we would be delighted to make that as special as possible for you as you begin married life together.If you want to talk more about being married at St Mary’s then the best way to begin is to come to one of the services on a Sunday. Here you will meet wonderful people, as well as others who have been married at St Mary’s. It is also a good opportunity to talk to one of the vicars about how to proceed and how to set a date for your wedding.

Please feel free to contact us before hand, or come and introduce yourself after the service when we have tea and coffee.


If you are getting married in another church, but need your banns read at St Mary’s then please contact Revd Lizzie or Revd Anja or the East Bristol Partnership office. Banns need to be read at least three weeks before you are married.

Revd Lizzie