When St. Mary’s opened in its original form in 1821 there was no organ or robed choir.  Any singers and instumentalists were situated on a gallery at the west end of the church.  In 1871 the chancel was extended  and the gallery dismantled.  An organ by the local Bristol company Vowles was provided in the north east corner of the chancel.  The instrument was presented by the Misses Mirehouse following a fund-raising bazaar at the Zoological Gardens.

In 1938 the organ was overhauled and moved to the west end with a detached console provided behind the choir stalls on the north side of the chancel.  Despite some slight problems of coordination with choir and congregation this fine organ sounds to advantage from this position.

A major, and very expensive, overhaul of the instrument is overdue  and we are at present actively raising the funds for this (see Organ Appeal section).

The organ at St Mary's
The organ at St Mary’s


Great Swell Pedal Couplers
Open Diapason 8′ Open Diapason 8′ Open Diapason 16′ Great to Pedal
Clarabella 8′ Stopped Diapason 8′ Bourdon 16′ Swell to Pedal
Gamba 8′ Viole d’Orchestre 8′ Bass Flute 8′ Swell to Great
Dulciana 8′ Celeste 8′ Octave
Flute 4′ Gemshorn 4′ Suboctave
Principal 4′ Piccolo 2′ Unison off
Twelfth 223 Cornopean 8′ Tremulant
Fifteenth 2′ Oboe 8′
Clarinet 8′


Click the player to hear a selection of music being played on the organ by Richard Morgan.