If you would like to leave a request for prayer, please write it in the box below and it will shortly appear on this website.  Our Church family will then pray for you.  If you need to talk to someone please contact one of our Priests.  Your prayer will remain on this site for at least four weeks.  We have the right to remove a prayer if it is not appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Jean butler

    Please could you ask st Francis to help my little dog who has a brain tumour. I took two little westies in from Bristol dogs home nearly 2 years ago. They had been abandoned twice. I too am poorly and they have been a huge source of joy to me I am heartbroken at this news. So please could you ask st Francis to help him

    Thank you
    Jean butler


    1. lizziekesteven

      Hi Jean
      Yes of course we will pray for you and your dogs – that is really hard. The church is open on a Tuesday and Thursday during the day – do pop by and say a prayer as well if you want. Blessings. Lizzie


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