Holy Week and Easter 2021

Once again, we approach the joy of Easter though the journey of Holy Week. This year, things are a little closer to ‘normal’ than 2020, but COVID-19 is still very much with us.

Palm Sunday – 28th March

8am – All Saints – Palm Sunday Holy Communion with Blessing of Palms

10am – St Marys – Palm Sunday Eucharist with Passion Play and Blessing of Palms

Monday 29th March

7.30pm – Compline – All Saints

Tuesday 30th March

7.30pm – Compline – St Marys

Wednesday 31st

7.30pm – Lent Group

Maundy Thursday – 1st April

10.00 – Chrism Mass – Online  

6.30 – Agape – Online

8.30 – Holy Communion St Marys – followed by The Watch

Good Friday – 2nd April

10am – Easter Garden Making and Story Telling and Mini Egg Hunt – All Saints

1.30pm – Good Friday Liturgy with Passion Reading – St Marys

Easter Eve – 3rd April

7.30pm – St Marys – First Fire and Eucharist of Easter

Easter Sunday – 4th April

10 am – St Marys – All Age Eucharist and Egg Hunt

10.30am – All Saints – All Age Holy Communion and Egg Hunt

5pm – Generations – Easter Bonanza! And Eggs