Week beginning Sunday 10th July 2022

How do we grow? A strange question perhaps and one depending on age and stage and season of life that will be different for everyone. We never stop growing, even physically our ears still grow as we age! How we grow as children of God and followers of Jesus are seen in the gospel stories that both churches are exploring this Sunday. One of those is the story of the Mustard Seed – that the children will look at All Saints. The other is the parable of the “Good Samaritan” which occurs in our lectionary this week. Both stories that Jesus tells prompts us to ask questions about our own spiritual growth. How do we open ourselves to the possibility of seeing the world in a different way. The Good Samaritan challenges our thinking of who is our neighbour. The mustard seed recognises that growth can come from even the smallest of seeds. God is never done growing us – perhaps that is why God is so often seen as the Gardener.

This week we celebrate a number of things at All Saints and St Marys and our worship and fellowship reflect that.

At the 10.30 service at All Saints we are celebrating our children with their annual gifts, giving thanks for them and all they bring to the life of the church. That will be followed by a picnic in the grounds of All Saints – everyone is welcome and please join us even if you are worshiping earlier in the day or at St Marys.

We have a 8am Holy Communion at All Saints and a 10am Sung Holy Communion at St Marys

SUNDAY 10th JULY 2022

8am – All Saints – Holy Communion – Revd Janey

10am – St Marys – Sung Holy Communion – Revd Janey

10.30 – All Saints – Thanksgiving and Celebrations with Gifts – Lay Led.

Do come along and be with us at St Marys Summer Fair on Saturday 9th July – we are looking forward to being together and raising money for some great charities. Please find attached a poster – for the fair and also for volunteers for the Summer Cafe. You can share these on social media! Also the Roots materials, the weekly sheets and the readings for this week are attached.


Tuesday 12th 10.30 – Music for Toddlers

Wednesday 13th 09.00 – Celtic Morning Prayer at All Saints Church

19.30 – Joint PCC – All Saints

Thursday 14th 10.00 – Holy Communion at St Mary’s Church

Sunday 17th 10.00 – Creative Church at St Mary’s Church

10.30 – Holy Communion at All Saints Church

18.30 – Evensong at St Mary’s Church

Sadly some of us have contracted Covid – so are unable to worship with you in person this week – but we look forward to being back with people soon.

Blessings for what God brings to you this week.

Revd Lizzie